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Watercourse/Encroachment Permit Section

A Watercourse Permit is required by the Watershed Protection District for any work or project affecting the bed, banks and overflow areas of District jurisdictional red line channels. When the work or project encroaches into the real estate holdings of the District, An Encroachment Permit is required.

Watercourse Permits and Encroachment Permits are issued by the Permit Section of the Watershed Protection District.

To determine if a Watercourse Permit or Encroachment Permit is needed for your proposed work or project, you may start by following the instruction on the linked screening map. This map shows shaded areas near the bed, banks and overflow areas of District jurisdictional red-line channels, and District real estate holdings. If your project or parcel is partially or totally within the shaded area on the screening map, you should check with the Permits Section of the Watershed Protection District to determine if a permit will be required. Use of the screening map is not a guarantee that your project will not need a permit. It is possible that a permit may be required in other areas as revealed during a discretionary review or other processing due to changed conditions or technical circumstances.

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