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County Stormwater Program

The County Stormwater Program reviews proposed land development projects to prevent adverse impacts to the surface water quality and ensure compliance with requirements in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Ventura County Stormwater Municipal Permit No. CAS004002 issued by California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) – Los Angeles Region. The County Stormwater Program's project review process generally focuses on the following areas:

  • Post-construction impact of new development and redevelopment projects on stormwater runoff;
  • Construction, demolition, or soil disturbance impact on stormwater runoff;
  • Proposed land use impact on surface water quality;
  • Compliance with the County General Plan and Area Plans as related to surface water and stormwater quality;
  • Potential impact of stormwater discharge from material storage areas, vehicle or equipment fueling areas, vehicle or equipment maintenance (including washing) areas, waste handling areas, hazardous materials handling or storage areas, delivery areas or loading docks, or other outdoor work areas;
  • Potential of stormwater discharge to impair the beneficial uses of the receiving waters;
  • Potential impact of stormwater discharge to cause significant harm on the biological integrity of the waterways and waterbodies;
  • Potential for significant changes in the flow velocity or volume of storm water runoff to cause harm to or impair the beneficial uses of natural drainage systems; and
  • Potential for significant increases in erosion at the project site or surrounding areas.

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Is Your Garden Watershed Friendly?

Green Gardening

Have you been wondering how to get your yard in shape using a natural approach? Has this drought got you thinking about how you can save water with drip irrigation?  Wonderful!  From time to time Watershed Protection District, together with "G3" Green Garden Group holds classes to teach the essential principles of the watershed friendly approach and how to apply them to your property.  These are typically five-day courses with each day focusing on a different aspect of your Ocean Friendly Garden!


Our last classes were presented in September-October 2016, at the Ventura County Government Center. We will repost here as new classes are slated for registration!





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