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Integrated Waste Management

Assembly Bill 939 requires all cities and counties in the State to divert a minimum of 50% of their jurisdiction's solid waste from landfill disposal through waste reduction, reuse, recycling or composting. To meet the requirements of this law, as well as the requirements of two Ventura County ordinances, the Integrated Waste Management Division (IWMD) reviews proposed discretionary projects to ensure:

  • Recyclable materials generated by discretionary projects (e.g., wood, metal, greenwaste, concrete, drywall, paper, cardboard, carpet) are reused, salvaged, or recycled;
  • All commercial businesses reduce their generated waste through reuse, recycling, or composting; and
  • Trash enclosures for refuse and recycling bins are included on site plans for commercial projects.

For more information about the role and responsibilities of the Integrated Waste Management Division, please click on the Department Link at the top of the page.



Discretionary Permits:
Tobie Mitchell
(805) 658-4315

Form B and Form C Permits:
Howard E. Hope
(805) 658-4322

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