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The cost of obtaining a water well permit for (construction, destruction, modification, etc.) is listed on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 15-015 Establishing Fees.

The Ventura County Groundwater Section also assesses fees to review discretionary permits. The Groundwater Section does not directly bill the applicant for discretionary permit applications, but instead we invoice the Planning Division for our staff review time, which includes plan checks, project application reviews, and field inspections. Plan check fees are not billed directly to the applicant, but are included in the initial County permit application costs.

The hourly time for a Groundwater section staff assigned to a discretionary project review is calculated based on the following service rates:


Well Permit Fee Schedule

  Water Supply Wells  Fee 

  Permits for installation, repair, or destruction of water wells and cathodic

  protection wells 


  For each additional water well or cathodic protection well which is located

  on the same parcel and is sealed the same day


  For permits solely to increase the depth of an existing well (where no

  County Inspector visit is required)

  Monitoring Wells*  

  Permits for installation, repair, and destruction of monitory wells and drilling

  engineering test holes; up to four wells/borings on the same parcel


   - For each additional well which is located on the same parcel


  Annual permit for drilling engineering test holes

  Permit Extension  

  For extending the expiration date of any well/boring permit in six months (not

  applicable to Annual permits)



*Note:  A well permit is not required for drilling Engineering test holes (soil borings, hydropunch, geoprobes, etc) that are less than 50 feet deep and do not encounter groundwater or for cathodic protection wells that are less than 50 feet deep



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